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"Ascension Becoming an Ascended Master"

By Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy's Ascension offers a complete, in-depth guide to becoming an ascended master for those who want to be masters of their own spiritual transformations.

Ascension: Becoming an Ascended Master offers a guide to the ascension process that explores the various levels of human spiritual consciousness. It presents a modern and accessible approach to the subject of ascension and aims to empower spiritual seekers by providing the information that they need to know in order to navigate through the different levels of consciousness.

This model of ascension explains the experiences of each level of ascension in detail, as well as the unique lessons of each level and the requirements needed to ascend to the next level. Ascension traces the process and journey of ascension, placing a detailed focus on the levels of ascension, the spiritual lessons learned in the process, the keys to transformation, the concepts of integration and universal awareness, ways to monitor your progress, and methods for transcending your ego. Explore the wisdom of master teachers from the past who have experienced each level of consciousness and learn what it takes to be a modern-day ascended master.

Ascension seekers will never again have to be lost or confused in their ascension process.

“Dear Paul,
I received "Ascension" -- thank you, I read much of it the first day. I wept at the first chapters -- this is information I've been waiting for -- intuiting parts of, but not knowing how the pieces fit -- for a long, long time. Thank you so much for writing "Ascension!" Congratulations and special appreciation for achieving such a clear, straightforward presentation.”

“Hi Paul, I have nearly finished reading your new book and think it’s just wonderful, the nergy is fantastic and the words so wise and practical, thank you so much.”

"I just love your “Ascension” book which brings amazing clarity to a multi-dimensional subject!  Aside from admiring the simplicity of the language and the message it conveys, I am finding it hugely beneficial on a personal level, for when I started to read it I feel as though I was experiencing some kind of activation."

"When I first glanced Paul's new book 'Becoming an Ascended Master' I was filled with joy and excitement, i knew this book was going to be what all ascension seekers need to understand the process. Flicking through the pages it read like a road-map of the last 10 years of my life. O how I would have loved and benefited from this book during that time f awakening and emergence. It would have saved me much searching, questioning, time and oney reading 100s and 100s of spiritual books to find the information to complete the ascension process which Paul’s book clearly and concisely expresses in 100 pages. This book is a beautiful gift to humanity and anyone seeking to start continue or complete the ascension process."

"The book is a 'landmark' piece of work, for example for years my Soul rang a tone and the words 'evolution of consciousness' were held in my mind. I searched and searched for a book that would help me understand  the process I was experiencing but found only mind/indigo level books that didn't resonate. Your book is the only one I have come across that clearly maps and describes the Ascension process and evolution of man consciousness. It is Amazing and I love it! Thank you"  

"I finished the book last week and I'm so glad you recommended it - it's amazing!  My first reaction was "finally!". Most of the things I've been hearing about ascension have felt lower perspective to me.  I have really felt that these descriptions have been missing so much and now I see what it is.  It's so exciting to see what's ahead as I know deep inside that I've been there before and have yearned to be there again -  I just never knew where "there" was.This has been a huge catalyst in my growth.  Throughout my process there has been a part of me that has been clutching the ground after each round hoping that ability would finally come.  After reading this, it has HUGELY altered my perspective and I am finding myself ompletely embracing the process for the first time.  This has allowed me to make some really huge leaps in growth in the last week alone!  
Thanks so much for the book and the broadened horizons."

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