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Online Channeling Course

Learn how to channel online!

This course will give help and guidance to all those interested in channeling, giving readings, meditation, Guides and spiritual growth. At whatever level you are now, the course will show you how to channel and connect more effectively with your Guides, The Ascended Masters, Angels and evolved Extra Terrestrial Beings. You may use the course to help you to become a better channel or to help you with other therapies that involve working with guides and energy such as healing and Reiki. Intuition is a skill used by spiritually based counselors and writers and it can be developed along with all the other inner senses using the exercises that I have been given to share with you. Alternatively you may just want to have a closer personal relationship with your guides and the angels and directly receive their healing, love and guidance !

I created the course to help others to strengthen their own links and abilities when connecting to guides and higher dimensions. It also allows those who cannot travel to workshops a chance to still receive the benefits of a structured course. Now where ever you are in the world you can still join in a class! All you need is the internet.

The course will provide information and exercises to practice and feedback from the Masters on your progress! There will also be an activation available in order to help you energetically achieve the highest levels of channeling / attunement that you can.

Course products and services that you will receive

The course information is contained in my book "Learn to Channel your Guides". The book contains all the information and exercises that will need as well as space for you to record your notes.

A remote activation session with the Masters to be facilitated by myself. This will help to clear you energetically to help with channeling.

You will receive 2 attuned crystals that will help you to meditate and go into altered states of consciousness necessary for channeling. You will also receive a crystal that will "raise your vibration" which is a crucial part of channeling and which is so hard for many to achieve by themselves.

You can ask some questions or receive assistance with any problems. I will also obtain feedback for you from the Masters and email this to you when you have finished the course.

Specific Areas of Study

The course will give you information and exercises in the following areas:

Preparation for channeling
Which Guides to Channel
Channeling the Higher Self
Sensitivity Training
Inner Senses Development
Channeling Exercises
Energetic Purification
Consciousness Expansion and Refinement
How to give channeled Readings for yourself & others
How to achieve clear channeling
Right Brain activation and balancing
Alternative brain wave states
Managing sensitivity


The first part of the book and course will concentrate on channeling Archangels and your personal guides. It is ideal for those who have never tried channeling and is also useful for those who wish to re-visit the important basic principles.

In the second part of the book and course you will mainly be working with Ascended Masters. Here you will also be introduced to the important subject of channeling from the heart center. This is your doorway to the divine and is a profound part of our being which brings different experiences and opportunities to channeling. Most people do not channel from the heart and yet it is possibly the highest form of channeling.

The third part of the book and course will also introduce the skill of channeling group consciousness as well as universal and divine energies. There will also be the opportunities to channel the extraterrestrial masters of the light which is a profound and exciting experience.


"I enjoy the way you have set the procedures out as it gives me time in the whole process to slow down and to think and set the right intention and be clear in what I am attuning to, so this has been extremely beneficial to me and I have enjoyed every minute since I have started I can honestly say that in all the years of beening on a spiritual path, the results I have had in a space of not even a couple of weeks have been nothing short of miraculous and I wish to thankyou for setting and explaining so clearly, I finally understand what I am meant to be doing. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou."

Your Commitment

It is probably best that you allow yourself a minimum of 1 or 2 hourly sessions per week in order to make progress with channeling. The rate of progress that you make is dependent on your application to the course and suggestions as well as the level of your gifts at present. There is no set time period for studying the course. This is your choice and can be as slow or quick as you want.

How to Book your Course

The course costs £150.00. You need to make payment first before you can enroll on the Channeling Course. Payment can be made as below.

You can pay online by credit card or debit card using the paypal system. This would connect you to a secure payment collection service called paypal. All you have to do is click on the relevant button directly below and follow the instructions.

£150.00 payment

Alternatively you can make a bank to bank payment via the IBAN system. This is useful where you need to make an international payment and convert this into UK pounds sterling. Send me an email and I will give you the IBAN numbers for my account which you need to give to your bank. Please note that your bank may charge you for doing for you. This is in addition to the cost of the course.

Conditions – please read

Each part of the course is paid for in full and in advance.

There are no refunds available for any reason after the course information has been sent out.

You are aged 18 or over and the course is for yourself.

Why Channel?

Developing your relationship with your guides

The number 1 question that I get asked is how can you receive more and experience more from your guides and the angels. Some just want to be closer to God, others want to understand their Soul. Many have deep questions about themselves and the Universe and want to communicate with their own guides for their own spiritual needs. This channeling course teaches you master the techniques which will help you to do all of this. The art of channeling is to open up communication links with the Universe. To do this you have to learn how to use some dormant skills that you already possess. Sometimes there is a need to learn new skills as well. The ability to have a closer relationship at a conscious level with our friends in spirit and in other dimensions truly is a blessing and will change your life!

Light equals enlightenment !

When you channel the Ascended Masters and Archangels you are infused with their love, light and wisdom. You cannot help but feel it. It brings healing and expands your consciousness. Where there is light there is enlightenment! This is such a beautiful way to grow spiritually and is one of my favourite things about channeling.

Spiritual Growth

All channeling skills are linked to your spiritual evolution and understandings. The more that you spiritually evolve, the better that your channeling will become. The exercises and insights in the course help with expanding your consciousness and purifying your energies. This all leads to spiritual growth and is a huge part of the ascension process. As such even if you do not channel for yourself or anyone else you will never the less be actively gaining in spiritual and energetic awareness.

Becoming the Meta-Human Being

In my experiences of communicating with extraterrestrial guides, I have come to realise that the skills and abilities we label as channeling, telepathy and Psychic are actually common place in evolved extraterrestrial communities. At times humanity has been closer to this way of being and is destined to be like this again. I know from my Atlantis lives that these skills were more common place in these times. Meta means more and so if you want to be as whole, expanded and alive as you can be in your human body in this lifetime, then I can think of no better way of helping you with your spiritual growth then becoming a channel in your way!

Channeling involves using "dormant" areas of the brain and energetic systems that are generally unused in everyday life. By using these facilities during channeling you are evolving yourself at all levels. Many feel that it will be as a result of a significant minority of humans who evolve in these ways that the overall evolution of mankind will be assisted through the "100th Monkey" effect. And so you are serving others as well as yourself by learning channeling.

Living in a multi-dimensional way

Channeling involves using other aspects of our own being that exist in other dimensions. It is at these levels that we meet with our guides and communicators. If it were not in this way then we would be having a normal conversation with a physical guide in this world and dimension! As such channeling teaches us about other dimensions and our connections to them. This subject is vitally important now as we head towards 2012 and the earth moves between dimensions. How can you deliberately operate in a multi-dimensional way whilst retaining a conscious understanding of the process? What is it like to have your consciousness placed at a 5th dimensional level? These are some of the areas that the course can help you with.