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Welcome to my Ascension website for Ascension Seekers and all who wish to experience the greatest degree of spiritual growth and connection to the Ascended Masters. I am Paul McCarthy and I am an Ascension Teacher and a Channel. I channel the Ascended Masters and specifically St Germain, Djwhal Khul, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Sananda, Pallas Athena, Lady Isis, Kuthumi and Archangel Gabriel.

I have brought through channeled messages for thousands of people and I have given over one hundred workshops in the past six years. The content of all of this work is now included in the products and services on this website in the form of my new book "Ascension Becoming an Ascended Master" and within the online Ascension Course.

I am completing my Ascension journey and so I understand the deep motivations of many spiritual people in seeking the deepest understanding about who we are and the path to higher consciousness and freedom. I also recognise the deep bond that many feel for the Ascended Masters such as St Germain, Sananda and Mother Mary. I share these feelings and help people to connect to them so that they can receive their messages, healing and activations. It is my greatest joy and excitement to be able to help Ascension Seekers with these challenges and to assist them towards higher consciousness themselves which is “home” for many of us. I do this through the services that I offer which you can see on the left hand side of this web page and anyone in the world can access these via the internet. I hope to be able to serve you and I wish you every blessing on your journey.

Paul McCarthy


Guide to the Ascension and spiritual growth services with Paul McCarthy

The full list of my services is placed on the left hand side of the page with links that take you to the relevant pages for specific products and services. Some people want advice about what is suitable for them and although I cannot do this for individuals I can advise generally as follows:

The most complete service is the online Ascension Course which includes everything that I offer including unique services and products that are not available outside of the course such as personalised channeled information, the Ascension activation crystals and the Andromeda music CD. At the moment I only offer my channeling services to students of the Ascension Course as traditional readings are no longer available. If you are an Ascension Seeker that is looking for the most support available and wants to go awaken to the greatest degree then the Ascension Course is for you! If you cannot attend any of my workshops but want to have a working relationship with me, then the online course is the next best thing- click here for information and booking.

If you want specialist help with learning to channel or if you want to be able to channel for others and offer readings then the online Channeling Course is for you - click here for information and booking

If you are just looking for a single product or service then you can order one of my books or purchase the sets of Ascended Master Attuned Crystals.

If you are new to the subject of Ascension and do not yet want to enroll in the Ascension Course then I recommend that you buy my book "Ascension Becoming an Ascended Master" which is ideal for those learning about this subject. I also recommend that you purchase the Ascended Master Attuned Crystals so that you can develop your connection and sensitivity to the main Ascended Masters and Lady Masters who assist us.

Paul McCarthy