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Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy is a channel for the Ascended Masters and the Star Masters. He is an International workshop leader and writer. Paul has trained and worked with Dr Joshua Stone and the I AM University before founding the Inter Planetary Star Seed School. The teachings presented in his work contain personal insights from Paul’s own experiences as well as information channeled within the hundreds of readings that he has given. Paul has written three books, "Ascension Becoming an Ascended Master", "Star Seeds and Star Masters" and "Learn to Channel you Guides". He has recently completed his hundredth workshop in his successful series or workshops on Ascension and Star Seeds.

Style of teaching- Paul teaches in such a way that you are encouraged to have your own personal experiences and relationship to the subject matters.  This encourages a fuller understanding and it is empowering. There is an emphasis on connecting to the highest levels of spiritual energies which brings about accelerated growth, learning and healing.  Although the content of his ascension teachings is ambitious, Paul avoids unnecessary use of spiritual jargon and seeks to make complex subjects accessible through simple explanations and the use of examples. As such newcomers to these subjects are always welcome.  

Paul's own Ascension Journey

"I have always been aware of higher consciousness and even when I was aged six, Angels and Guides would come around me and show me the profound spiritual realities experienced by human beings. These included the nature of the ego, duality and oneness.  From time to time these Guides would come to me and communicate with me telepathically showing me the true nature of things as I encountered situations in life.

As a teenager and though to age 30, I tried to deny and resist these realities and experiences as I tried to become a normal person doing normal things. This failed as it led to immense boredom and depression which I could no longer tolerate. It seems that we cannot deny our true nature and for me this meant I had to allow myself a life living with an expanded consciousness, being psychic and being able to channel guides. At this point I surrendered to my true nature and destiny and dedicated myself to developing myself and the expanding my consciousness.This led me to study healing, psychic development and ultimately I learnt how to channel. From the start, I was immediately attracted to channels and channeling. There is an air of magic surrounding this subject and even after conducting hundreds of channeling sessions I still feel this way now. I would read all of the channeling books and I would arrange to visit other channels to obtain readings for myself. This brought me so much hope and it was the most exciting time of life for me. I was finally witnessing what I always inwardly knew before – that there was more to life than the mundane and restrictions. Channeling brings the ultimate freedoms such as freedom from ignorance and confusion and freedom from the restrictions of time and space.

I wanted to be a channel myself! I somehow knew that I could do this. I enrolled in courses to help me. Initially these were psychic development classes and mediumship classes as there were no pure channeling courses in those days. These were interesting and helped me. However there was something missing – the satisfying feeling that we feel when we channel an evolved guide and connect to high levels of truth, understanding and spiritual love. The Universe must have agreed with me as events quickly made impossible for me to attend the classes anymore. Instead I tried to channel for myself at home. Immediately guides came into my meditations eager to make connection with me. It was St Germain who became my main teacher and he gave me simple but effective techniques for channeling. He had been my channeling teacher in a previous lifetime in Egypt and so my lessons began again, where he would communicate to me on earth from the world of spirit.

After six months of developing my channeling skills using the techniques that St. Germain had given to me, I was ready to do what I had always wanted to do. This was to give channeled readings to others and to help them in profound ways. I started out channeling for people and recording the readings on a cassette. In those days I lived near a fire station and close to the sea and so my first clients had the background noises of fire engines and seagulls. These were tough training experiences for me as I had to be able to focus on perfecting my channeling with all of this noise around me. As time went by the number of readings increased and now after six years I must have given over one thousand readings.

I was channeling Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Sananda, St Germain, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Sirian Guides. I also began to ask them questions about those subjects that I was so interested in such as the Ascension process and the subject of Star Seeds. To start with I did not receive concrete answers as my consciousness was not expanded enough to truly engage the deeper realities of these subjects. Instead my guides would teach me concepts and slowly build up my understandings. Sometimes this would be achieved not by words but through the pure knowing that comes from a meeting of two beings within higher consciousness. Over the last six years this has resulted in me receiving unique and profound insights. I share these in my workshops which I offer all over the world. I have recently given my hundredth workshop and so this information has really been useful and popular. Good Channeling offers great potential as it has provided me with hundreds of hours of new and unique material for workshops and my courses.

Of course I am still developing as a channel and I see channeling not just as a means to obtain information but as a holy encounter between two or more beings. I I see how my channeling truly brings in the energies and consciousness of the guides so that people near to me can sense this strongly for themselves. I acknowledge how the energies of these greatly evolved beings speaks louder than words and it heals us and accelerates our growth in consciousness. At some point I will simply channel the energies of the guides and this will be enough! But as long as we use the human mind words and meaning will always be sought and so for now I express the words as well.

In the early days I was attracted to the Ascension teachings of Dr. Joshua David Stone. I found his teachings complex but full of interesting and empowering insights and techniques. Indeed I went on to become a Channel for his organisation, the I AM University before Joshua's death in 2006. Although I no longer resonate so strongly with those teachings from the past I celebrate the influence of Joshua as he inspired a generation of Ascension Seekers with his hope, positivity and enthusiasm.

I was having profound spiritual experiences and growing very quickly. Ascension was my reality and not just an academic subject. I was entering into high levels of ascension that very few had encountered before. It was challenging and exciting and yet there was very little information available to me from others to help me. It seems that I and those who were experiencing accelerated ascension in the years form 2000 - 2009 were indeed pioneers. I wanted to understand what was happening to me and so with my channeling I was able to build new and expanded models of understanding of Ascension that were useful to me and to others who I share this information with by offering the products and services that I do. In particular I was able to understand and embrace the Rainbow and Diamond levels of Ascension which were new to myself and everyone else. Now of course other Ascension seekers are approaching these levels themselves and so I am able to help them to understand and embrace these new levels of consciousness. I hope that I can serve you and your ascension journey and I wish you every blessing."

Paul McCarthy